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ASEA Redox Signaling Molecules

According to, REDOX Signaling is the transduction of signals coding for cellular processes in which the integrative elements are electron transfer reactions involving free radicals or related species, redox-active metals (e.g. iron, copper, etc), or reductive equivalents. That is a mouthful. I am not sure exactly all that means. However, I do know that REDOX signaling involves a transfer of electrons. It is a process that happens naturally in the body. In this article, we will talk about ASEA REDOX signaling molecules and why I think it is important.

Because ASEA products are supplements and according to the FDA, we must include a disclaimer that the ASEA Redox technology is not a treatment or a cure for any disease or medical condition. For the full disclosure, please click here for the Health Disclaimer.

We are simply feeding our body with these powerful molecules with the understanding that our body knows exactly what to do. They are native to our body and our body will put them to work for our best use.

What are ASEA REDOX Signaling Molecules?

REDOX is REDuction / OXidation. It is a process where the oxygen oxidizes and reduces other molecules by capturing the electrons. The article written by Dr. Samuelson called “Redox Signaling – A Universal Principle of Life” does a great job talking about the REDOX process in detail.

REDOX signaling molecules are the communication centers in the cells and are responsible for sending messages to restore, rejuvenate, and protect the cells. These signaling molecules are produced by the mitochondria. The mitochondria are the powerhouses of cells that generate energy that requires carrying out the function of a cell. However, life stress, toxic environment, and aging often interfere with or hinder the process of redox signaling molecules. Then the body functions are not operating at their optimal level.

Fortunately, ASEA discovered a way to contain active REDOX signaling molecules in a shelf-stable and human consumable from outside the body. It is in a form of water. ASEA water has been tested by a third-party independent lab. They certified that the water contained REDOX signaling molecules.

What is ASEA water made out of?

ASEA generated natural salt molecules and purified water into REDOX signaling molecules using a patented process. Here is a great 39:07 minute Q&A video talking about the production of ASEA water:

Interview with Scott Aldred – Behind the Scenes Discussion on Production & Distribution from ASEA United on Vimeo.

What does it benefit?

Asea water help supports

  • Improve the immune system
  • Reduce inflammatory
  • Improve digestive enzymes and overall gut health
  • Maintain arterial elasticity and support cardiovascular health
  • Regulate hormone balance

Please visit ASEA REDOX Testimonials – Is It Real? to read different people’s testimonials and experiences with ASEA water.

What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Here are the advantages:

  • Simple and effective. For the average usage, drink ASEA water 2 ounces twice a day and/or apply the gel to the body where you feel discomfort. The experiences vary from person to person depending on their health status.
  • It is 100% safe and non-toxic with no side effects.
  • The benefits mentioned above under “What does it benefit?”
  • Opportunity to make extra income if interested

Here are the disadvantages:

  • “It is expensive” is the common complaint. Money is relative. What is your health worth? How much do you spend on other supplements, medicines, or energy drinks to reduce pain, to look younger, or to feel energized?
  • Does not taste good. Lots of people think it tastes like pool water. Initially, it does smell like pool water to me. The taste is slightly salty. However, the pool smell went away over time as my body adjusted to the molecules.
  • “It is snake oil” or “where is the science” is another complaint. How do you know it does not work? What if it does? I found most of those complaints are primary through speculation. They have not tried it. The results vary with different people and different time frames. It is recommended to use for at least 90 days consistently to notice the changes.
  • It is a pyramid scheme and a rip-off. Asea is a legitimate MLM company selling legitimate products. Otherwise, they would not spend the extra effort to comply with the law and regulations to make the product safe for consumption. Please visit Pyramid Scheme Vs Multi-level Marketing – Are they scams? to learn more.


I understand the skepticism because I was there as well. There are so many scams out there. It is hard to trust or believe everything I come across. I did my due diligence and found perhaps 75% positive feedback while 25% negative feedback. I also learned that everyone has their own perspective whether it is right or wrong it is still their own opinions based on their experiences. The best thing for me to do is try it out for myself. Otherwise, it is just hearsay coming from another’s opinion.

Overall, I am active and feel healthy with minimal issues so my experiences are not as dramatic as others. I have been drinking ASEA REDOX water and applying the gel since March 18, 2021. The main reason why I wanted to try ASEA is because of my arthritis fingers. I have been developing arthritis in my fingers because of rock climbing. I have tried cortisone to help reduce inflammation. It helped but I do not like the side effects when I get off. My head hurt for two days after I stopped. I also did not want to become dependent on drugs. I wanted to find a natural remedy. The last thing I also wanted was to stop climbing which was the main cause of arthritis in the first place. =(

It is hard to tell so far if my arthritis fingers are completely gone because I still climb. I do know that the inflammation and stiffness have been less. However; in my second month of taking ASEA, I noticed my oral hygiene health has improved. I have periodontitis or also known as gum disease. In 2019, I had two teeth removed because of teeth decay and gum infection. My gum is super sensitive to heat and cold.

Since this past month, my gum did not feel as sensitive as before. I did not pay any attention until I visited my dentist recently for my annual review. I had a big thumb of approval with no cavities and good gum health. My dentist mentioned that my gum did not bleed when he touched it with his tools. Good deal! On top of the gum problem, I have canker sores in my mouth constantly. The sores will appear when I eat hot food and burn my tongue or if I accidentally bite the inside of my mouth. They are painful. The oral numbing gel does not help. My sores now heal quickly and developed less.


I also noticed my eyes sight has slightly improved. It doesn’t feel as blurry when I wake in the morning. My dry eye symptoms faded. My eyes often tear up for no apparent reason. That feeling is gone. My energy level is high and my sleep is deep and satisfying.

Everything has been great so far. I look forward to reporting more satisfying results in the near future.

How is your experience? Have you heard of Asea? I love to hear your thoughts. Please leave your feedback below.

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