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ASEA REDOX Testimonials – Is It Real?

Is ASEA REDOX snake oil or is it for real? There are many ASEA REDOX testimonials available that it is hard to know what to believe. How could all the testimonials be possible if it is snake oil?

There are so many testimonials that it is hard to choose. In this article, I will choose three topics that interest me most.


ASEA REDOX is a combination of two words REDuction/OXidation. To learn more about the science of REDOX, please visit Dr. Samuelson’s website regarding REDOX Signaling and the science behind it in detail.

In a sum-up sentence, the ASEA REDOX supplement contains signaling molecules that help signal the cells in our body to protect, rejuvenate, and maintain cells functioning at optimal levels. It is 100% safe and non-toxic. Visit Asea Supplement Review – Scam? to read my personal review.

Here is a great Overview video to understand more about ASEA REDOX before reviewing the testimonials. Password: redox

real redox overview

ASEA REDOX is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Testimonial #1 – Neurological

Here are two testimonials on the topic of neurological that I would like to share. One was an experience with a child and another was with an adult, two different spectra so it does not matter in age or gender. If you have cells in the body then ASEA REDOX will work.

This first video is about 15:10 minutes regarding two children who experienced seizures, speech and language issues, and other neurological symptoms. Password: redox

real redox results #58

The second video is about 8:06 minutes regarding mobility, swallowing and speech issues, and other related neurological symptoms. Password: redox

Real Redox Results 73

Testimonial #2 – Inflammation / Immune challenges

This testimonial is about 6:46 minutes regarding immune challenges, joint discomfort, and skin irritation. Password: redox

real redox results 69

This video is about 7:36 minutes regarding an autoimmune disorder and improved moods and sense of wellbeing after taking ASEA.

real redox results #7

Testimonial #3 – Teeth and Eye Health

This testimonial is about 9:14 minutes regarding the improvement of teeth and gum health, eye health, blood pressure, and cholesterol.

real redox results


There are so many more testimonials. If interested to know more, you can visit the same website: The password: redox. Click on the bubble or topics that interest you most.

Because ASEA products are supplements and according to the FDA, we must include a disclaimer that the ASEA Redox technology is not a treatment or a cure for any disease or medical condition. For the full disclosure, please visit Health Disclaimer.

We are simply feeding our body with these powerful molecules with the understanding that our body knows exactly what to do. They are native to our body and our body will put them to work for our best use.

I have been using ASEA since March 19, 2021. It has been almost 2 months. I am excited to discover that it has helped me with my gums (oral hygiene). Growing up I always have challenges with teeth and gum. I spend at least 20 to 30 minutes cleaning my teeth every day. I see the dentist regularly. No matter how well I take care of my teeth and gum somehow I manage to have periodontitis (gum disease) and cavities.

My periodontist recommended the water pick to clean my teeth. It works great. However, I have another problem – canker sores. I developed a canker sore from eating hot food, pressure from the water pick, accidentally biting my tongue, etc. UGHH!!! I have been drinking the product and using the gel created by Asea, my gum has been slowly healing and so are my canker sores.

My mouth feels great! I totally didn’t pay attention until the day I had a dentist appointment for my annual check-up. My dentist examined my mouth and said “no cavities” and my gum has no issues or inflammation. He also mentioned that my gum did not bleed to the touch. WAHOO!!! I do not have pictures to show only can share how I feel.???? It is an exciting feeling to know that there is something out there that could help improve my gums. Made my day!

In addition to my gum and teeth, I noticed my vision has improved. I have dry eye symptoms and that seemed to go away in the first month. My arthritis fingers are slowly healing as well. If only, I stop rock climbing. I am full of energy. However, I have lots of energy initially so it is hard to tell. My sleep is restful through the night. In the morning, I wake up and ready to start the day. Since I am still new to ASEA, I look forward to finding new discoveries regarding my health and about the product every day.

I love to hear your thoughts, struggles, obstacles, or comments if ASEA works for you or not. Please leave your feedback below.

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