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Redox Signaling Science

What is Redox Signaling? Is there a science behind this? I found an interesting article written by Peter Proctor called History of Redox Signaling. In the abstract, he stated, “While often thought of a recent discovery, the basic data behind Redox signaling goes back to Darwin”. The basic data has been around for quite a while. We only become aware of it much later.

REDOX is a name given to a process of REDuction/OXidation. This happens inside the body when the oxygen oxidizes the molecules by capturing their electrons and becomes reduced at the same time. An article called “Redox Signaling – A Universal Principle of Life” written by Dr. Gary Samuelson, explained the Redox Signaling Science in simpler terms much better than I can. In this article, Dr. Samuelson mentioned that redox signaling molecules are our primary weapon of the immune system. They repair genes inside cells, recognize and kill defective cells and regenerate healthy cells. They are a vital part of the primary tool chest of life.

As we age along with stress and the environment, our cell breaks down and the signal weakens over time. Our bodies are susceptible to diseases and illnesses. Over a decade ago, ASEA Redox was a breakthrough discovery. In the current market, it is the only active Redox signaling molecule stabilized outside the body. ASEA Redox is a supplement that can add extra support to protect, rejuvenate, and keep our cells functioning at their optimal levels throughout the body.

Because ASEA products are supplements and according to the FDA, we must include a disclaimer that the ASEA Redox technology is not a treatment or a cure for any disease or medical condition. For the full disclosure, please click on ==> Health Disclaimer.

We are simply feeding our body with these powerful molecules with the understanding that our body knows exactly what to do. They are native to our body and our body will put them to work for our best use.

Scientific Research

Asea partnered with BioAgilytix Labs, an independent laboratory, to monitor the quality of the production and provide validity to the products. They also conducted trials and studied the effects of redox cell signaling on turnover and blood flow emphasizing the skin. The typical skin cell turnover is 28 – 42 days. With RENU 28 gel, an estimate at 24 – 36 days of cell renewal time and 16% faster cell turnover rate.

In 2014, Dermatest conducted a clinical trial to quantify the skin’s response to the consistent application of RENU 28 gels. The following results were measured:

  • 21% decrease in eye wrinkle depth
  • 23% improvement in overall wrinkles
  • 22% improvement in facial skin texture
  • 23% increase in skin smoothness
  • 20% increase in skin elasticity
  • 11% increase in skin moisture

There are other studies regarding oxidative stress, the increase of blood flow, cellulite, and more. Please visit for other scientific studies. You can also download Asea’s research summaries of the different studies and scientific researches at ==> Research Summaries.

Scientific Advisory Council and Medical Board

Asea has a scientific advisory council and a medical professional board. The members of the scientific advisory council provide strategic guidance and direction for the research and scientific programs. The members of the medical professional board with different medical backgrounds and experiences provide advice and guidance in medicine, health, and wellness.

For the members of the scientific advisory council, click ASEA Scientific Advisory Council.

For the members of the medical professional’s board, click ASEA Medical Professionals Board.

Production Facility

Asea products are processed and made in Utah, USA. They are 100% focused on Quality assurance and tight manufacturing control. All the supplies, containers, materials, and processes meet and exceed FDA standards for food processing.

Below is a 5:20 minute video of the production tour:

NSF Production and Certification

ASEA Redox Supplement is FDA regulated even though FDA does not sanction approval processes for dietary supplements. Click below to learn more about ASEA and FDA:

ASEA and The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) – ASEA Global Science (

Asea is also certified by NSF International, a global public health and safety organization. NSF provides food safety and quality assurance services across all food supply chain sectors.

Here is a great 39:07 minute video interview with Scott Aldred, behind the scenes on production and distribution:


Redox signaling is native to our bodies. Discovering how to generate and stabilize the redox signaling molecules outside the body is a huge breakthrough for ASEA during my lifetime. These molecules help the body in so many miraculous ways.

There is negative feedback asking for more scientific proof and constantly criticizing that the studies are not adequate. There are over ten years of overwhelming testimonials from different people from more than 30 countries.

ASEA REDOX Testimonials – Is It Real? (

However, how much more proof is enough? There will always be someone who is not fully satisfied. The question should be what if it really works? Have you tried it? Give it a try and see it for yourself.

I love to hear your thoughts. Have you tried it before? What is your experience with Redox signaling? Please leave your feedback below.

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