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Tips to Starting a Business – Pushing Through The Mental Barrier

Starting a new business on your own is a scary thing and especially if your family is relying on you as the primary money resource. Do not quit your day job or at least not yet.

However, everyone is different. For some people in order for them to be successful, they need to cut all ties. They thrive in stressful situation, while others will collapse under pressure. Which one are you? There will be struggles and money will be low. The light may seem dim at the end of the tunnel but somehow we will persevere. The scariest thing is to invoke into the unknown.

The first and foremost strategy is to know yourself. In this article, we will discuss powerful tips to starting a business successfully by addressing your mental barrier.

Know YourselfI believe in me

How well do you know yourself? You may know your favorite color(s), your favorite food, or your favorite movies. Do those things define you as a person? Are you aware of how you are being when you are angry, mad, happy, or sad? What make you smile, what make you sad, or what make your heart sing? Do you make choices because of what others choose for you or do you choose for yourself? Do you allow your environment to impact your decisions? Does life or your environment define you? or do you define you?

We are constantly defining ourselves. Sure culture, environment, family, and friends do shape us. However, we all have choices. We often unconsciously choose what serve us best at those moments in time. We listen to our instincts.

I was guilty of trying to please others. I wanted to fit in that I compromise my choices. It served me well as I fit in everywhere I went. However, it no longer serves me now as I grow older. I re-defined myself again as a mom and a wife.

When I was younger, I followed my instincts with the eagerness to learn. But as I get older, I started to listen to experts who I thought knew better than me. Pretty soon unconsciously I stopped listening to my own instincts. Once again, things didn’t go well. It worked for them but it didn’t work for me. I started to double guess myself and doubt my intuitions. I had to re-learn how to listen to myself again and follow my own intuition. The important aspect of knowing one self is to listen to our own instincts or intuition.

Understanding or knowing self is to know what I want. The most important factor of running a business is to be able to communicate effectively and efficiently. In order for me to communicate to others it is crucial to know what I want.

In general everyone want to be happy. Happy is an abstract term. What is happy? Every one define happy differently. For some being happy is to watch the grass grow or to gaze at the waves rolling in against the beach. While for others, they want actions such as travel or play a sport. Some think that being married and having a family is being happy. Once you get where you want then what? Are you happy or are you ready to make new goals?

It is important to understand what you want out of life for yourself of why do you want to have your own business. Sometimes the reason of making a lot of money may not be good enough for you. You may want to dig deeper than just money. Find the inspiration that brings you to having your own business in the first place, the “why?” This help you persevere through obstacles and challenges while establishing your business.

Clean out Clutters

Occasionally, we go through life with huge clutters in our lives such as our house is a mess, our car is a mess, our finance is a mess, we have not pay our taxes, etc. There are clutters everywhere.

Clutter desk

The first thing to do is to clear out the clutters. Start with cleaning your desk or washing your car. It is a great feeling of accomplishment and one step closer to clear out your head. It is easiest to clean the desk. Tackle one thing at time. You feel freer and more confidence then perhaps you may want to slowly address the emotional baggage or maybe not. It is much harder to learn when your brain is full or preoccupied with clutters such as baggage of guilt, shame, or any other negative emotions. Your state of mind should be clear which then goes back to know yourself. Meditation helps.

In general, do not make any decisions when you are in a negative emotional state. It could be an impulsive action or an irrational business decision that you may regret later. It maybe harder to clean up afterwards so it is best not to instigate.

Take Responsibility for Yourself

Create your own reality and take responsibility for your actions. What does this mean? How do we create our own reality? Is it possible? What is reality? According to, reality is the state or quality of being real, resemblance to what is real, or a real thing or fact.

agreeing on him

For the most part, what makes something real is when the consensus agree or confirm on the same subject matter. However, everyone has different perspective. For one person, something is real may or not appear for another. I diverge into a total abstract thinking now.

For the sake of the topic matter, we will focus primarily on reality as being a perspective. An example, the cup is half full or the cup is half empty. Which perspective do you choose? Choose or create the reality or perspective that serves you best.

How do we take on responsibilities for our own actions? I take it on by embracing ownership of what come out of my mouth or my actions. Be brutally honest to myself. Steer away from the blame game, complaints, or self pitty party. It is easy to deflect the responsibility to others. When I choose to blame or complaints, my learning experiences stay stagnant.

If something goes wrong and I am involved, instead of complaining or blaming, I find a solution or learn what to improve next time. In return, my learning experiences grow exponentially and I build mental confident.

“How you do anything is how you do everything” a principle used by Harv Eker from the book “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind.” The way you are being in one situation is usually the same way you are in all situations. We are creature of habits. Choose the habits that will serve you not hurt you.

Committed to Success – Be, Do, Have…

Are you committed to success? That goes back to the very first question, how well do you know yourself? Many people say, “I’ll try” which means maybe or more like “NOT”. Are you willing to do what it takes to be successful? You gotta to be committed to success. Choose what inspires you and the universe will bend over backward to assist you to whatever you choose.

It is important to understand yourself, what you are passionate about, and why. It gives you a reason for you to stick through the challenging times. There will be challenging times. It is not an easy walk in the park or every one would be a business owner.

Find what you want to be. What does that look like and why? For example, being a business owner would be

  • courageous – stepping up the face of fear
  • outstanding – give 100% and more in everything you do
  • integrity – be honest to self first and foremost before you can be honest with others.

From your being of who you want to Be, you will be inspired to take action in Doing then you shall Have what you want.

Constantly Learning and Growing

There are so much more to write about each of the topics above. I only touched briefly about committing to success. In order to have continuous successes, it is important to keep learning and growing. Changes are good in pushing us moving forward and evolving. Engage yourself with self-improvement such as reading books, listening to CD, or taking seminars / classes for continuous expansion.

I recommend to check out “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” by Harv Eker, “Think and Grow Rich” by Napolean Hills, or “Ask and it is Given” by Esther Hicks. They are great inspiration books to get you thinking and becoming aware of your full potential.

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I love to hear from you what other tips that have worked well for you in breaking through your own mental barrier. Any questions and comments are welcome. Please leave your comments or wisdom below.

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