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My USA Corporation Review – forming new business online make simple

One of the key function in running a smooth and successful business is forming a team of expertise around you such as mentors, lawyers, accountants, bankers, business affiliates, and friends to support your business needs.

Starting a business with very little to no business connections or experience can be overwhelming and frustrating. The biggest questions are how do I start and/or where do I start? Take a deep breath and relax. It’s OK. Online Home-based Business is here to help and be your initial support.

There are three options to get your business started:
Option 1 – Hire a lawyer to help incorporate your business. Hiring lawyers for their time could get expensive and you may have a limited budget.

Option 2Do it yourself. This is definitely a great way to learn and save money. It requires your time to research with due diligence, and the self-discipline to learn and apply. This option requires your time and attention. Being an entrepreneur, your time is valuable. It equates money if not more so spend it wisely.

Option 3 – Hire an online company that specialized in incorporating companies. They can make the incorporating process much simpler and cheaper than hiring an attorney. This will free up your time to focus on developing your products or services. In general, these companies are not lawyers so they cannot give you legal advice.myUSACorporation

In this article I will be discussing option 3. It is My USA Coporation Review ( When I did my research on best ways to publish a legal notice for DBA (Doing Business As), I came across My USA Corporation website. I was most impressed with their thorough and educational articles regarding publishing legal notice. From all the articles I came across, their articles were the most informative.

What is My USA Corporation?

My USA Corporation ( is an online business incorporator and an independent business filling specialist. Their goal is to support entrepreneurs like you and me to incorporate our businesses seamlessly and effortlessly. They provide services for forming your business, expanding your business, and manage your business in the United States. welcomes and supports international customers as well as domestic customers. services include forming business entities such as LLC, C-Corporation, S-Corporation, Non-profit, or a DBA (fictitious business name). In addition to incorporating, they can also help you register your Trademark, provide a registered agent, offer a US business and mailing address as well as accounting and tax filing along with many other related services.


BBB (Better Business Bureau) rating scored card for is currently A+. There were a total five complaints and one negative review in the last three years. Four of the complaints were resolved with satisfactory by the consumers. The fifth complaint was with delivery issues. The details were unavailable.

The review on is four out of five stars. As of February 2018, there were 167 reviews since December 2017.
snapsthot of trustpilot review for is an online review community created by Peter Mühlmann in 2007 to help online shoppers. is verified with PayPal and The website is Norton secured and Security Metric Credit Card Safe.


The three big components that attracted me to are

  • The prompt customer service – The customer service is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. People do makemistakes and sometimes it is unavoidable. The important factor for me is how the company on the whole handles the mistakes to resolve the issues or complaints. I went through the website and read through the reviews. took the time to reply to most customers with 4 stars and below. They also worked hard to resolve the complaints through BBB. This demonstrates that put in the extra effort to satisfy their customers. They do care about their reputation.
  • The education with complete transparency – I am a proponent of education and transparency. The education helps me understand further of what I am buying and allow me to decide with an educated choice. I prefer the transparency service with no hidden terms or fees. Everything is candid and up front. This gives me the opportunity to see if this is the service I really want.
  • The competitive pricing – claims to provide the lowest price that beat the competition. There is no package sale offer because believes that the customer should have the flexibility to choose only the services they need.

In addition to the first three components, also has free consultation via phone, online live chat, and email with around the clock customer support. They also received an A+ with BBB.
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Not all companies are perfect. Even though strive to do their best, they are still humans and do make mistakes. I weaved through the complaints from the reviews. The most common complaints were

  • Delayed communication – Many complaints were issues with communications. The consumers felt that customer service or the person who had helped them were slow in communicating their status. They have to constantly follow up to get results.
  • Inconsistency on follow up calls – This complaint is probably inter-related to the delayed communication complaint. Some customer services are great in following up while some are not as good in following up which could be the reason for the delayed communication.
  • Slow filing process – Some complaints were the slowness of the filing process. There were three reasons. The first was the application was still missing signatures so it has to be send back and forth several times before they can submit. The second was the delay process by the secretary of the State. The third was mistakes made by
  • Technical login issue – Customers have inconsistency successes in logging into their website. acknowledged the issue and will bring awareness to the IT department.


Are you ready to move forward on incorporating your company? Here is the overview and rankings for

Name: My USA Corporation

Website URL:

Services: online Incorporated businesses in the US and other related business services

BBB Rating Scorecard: A+

TrustPilot Reviews: 4 out of 5 stars

Price: A-La-Carte from $49 and up

Guarantee: 100% satisfaction

If you do not have the time to incorporate your business, is an excellent choice. They can do the leg work for your business filing while you can focus on doing what matter most for you to make money.
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I hope this article is beneficial to you. I love to hear your experience with online incorporators. Also, if there any questions, please feel free to leave them below. Looking forward to help you build your business.

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