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Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Deal – Time Sensitity, Less Than $1 per Day

The holidays are quickly approaching and the day after Thanksgiving is the most popular shopping day of the year. Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Deal is also available during the Black Friday weekend. This is a once in a lifetime deal. There is no guarantee that the same price will be offered again next year.

You may wonder “What is Wealthy Affiliate (WA)?”. It is a platform that offers website hosting, education, tools and an active community of mentors who are successful entrepreneurs to support you in making money online via affiliate marketing.

How much money can you make? The potential is unlimited. It is up to you to create your dreams. There are WA members who make $4k per month. Check out “How Does Wealthy Affiliate Really Work” for more details about WA.

**Dates: November 23rd, 24th, 25th, 26th

**Offer: $299 per year for Premium Member ($0.82 per day)

**Who It’s Available to: EVERYONE (Starter, Premium Monthly, Premium Yearly, Canceled Monthly, Canceled Yearly)

The price of $299 alone is the cost for many hosting websites only. At WA, this price is not only for website hosting but also included education, website and keyword tools, and unlimited WA community of mentors to help you succeed in generating extra income. It is less than $1 per day for an investment of possibility in generating $1k, $2k, $3k… per month.

Being a premium member, everything is inclusive. There is no upsell.

Website Hosting

Looking for a reliable wordpress hosting website?

Here are the benefits of website hosting as Wealthy Affiliate premium members:

  • You can host up to 50 free websites – 25 of your own domains and 25 free hosting platform (siteRubrix).
  • Fast hosting speed – The SiteSpeed rating is 1.3 seconds of average page load time with Amazon c3.large (faster).
  • Double hosting – Full redundancy available when your websites go down, there is a “mirror” of your websites running at all time that can be swapped in instantly.
  • Secured platform and full backups every 24 hours
  • SSL Certificates included
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Website Space: 30GB
  • Bandwidth included: 500k Visitors / month


WA premium members also have access to extensive online training for beginners as well as experts:

  • Live weekly interactive classes with insights into leading edge strategies.
  • Online Entrepreneur Certifications – 50 lessons from A to Z starting from a name, a niche, building a website to working with SEO, Google, Yahoo, and Social medias to produce quality contents in attracting website traffic and generating income.
  • Affiliate Bootcamp training – 70 lessons in the “making money” niche
  • Community training program – experts within the WA community share their strategies on how to make money with an online business.
  • Online classrooms of different ways to monetize online (e-commerce, drop shipping, local marketing, adsense, Facebook ads, SEO, pay-per-click, email marketing, lead generation, etc) created by experts in the WA community.


Along with education and website hosting, there are tools to support the training, to build your own websites, and to research the best keywords for your articles:

  • Website tools – SiteManager, SiteBuilder, SiteEmail and SiteContent are tools to build your websites, emails, and contents. SiteComments, SiteFeedback, and SiteSupport are supporting tools to interact, improve, troubleshoot your websites.
  • Keyword Tool – WA has in house keyword tool called Jaaxy. It is a powerful tool in researching the best keywords for your article title and contents. It also gives you the traffic, competition, and domain insights.
  • Link Tracking – This tool help track traffic that you are sending to your merchant pages.

WA Mentor Community

The mentor community alone is priceless:

  • Networking with 1.2 Million members worldwide – members from 195 countries
  • Unlimited access of communication with successful entrepreneurs, expert WA members, and the owners (Kyle & Carson).
  • Ambassador program in giving back into the WA community with the “Pay it Forward” Mentality
  • Help is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for 365 days with the different time zone all over the world.

In Conclusion with Extra Bonuses

In addition to the website hosting, education, tools, and WA mentor community, you will be offered 2018 Bonuses in the year ahead. There are over FOUR hours of live video classes with full Q&A that is going to prepare for a successful year ahead:

Bonus #1: The 7 Factor “Secret Sauce” (Live Class)

Bonus #2: The Secret Sauce, The White Paper.

Bonus #3: Creating a Lucrative Niche Website in 2019 (5 Weeks of Live Training)

Bonus #4: Early Beta Access to Yearly Members

Also, once you are locked in at this price, you will be paying the same price every year as long as you are a WA member. The current price is $49 per month which is $412 per year. Remember to upgrade or join on November 23rd through 26th, 2018 to receive WA Black Friday Deal.

You can also join NOW for free and take advantage of the lessons for the next few days. Once you are a member, you will be notified immediately when the Black Friday Deal become available.

If there are questions, please do not hesitate to ask in the comments below. I will get back to you as soon as possible within 24 hours.



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12 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Deal – Time Sensitity, Less Than $1 per Day”

  1. Thanks for this timely post. I have been looking to sign up to Wealthy Affiliate after recently completing their free training. Seeing this Black Friday promotion I will definitely take advantage of it. The free training has been great and the value they offer, especially with the WA community and training looks to be the best out there on the internet at the moment.

    1. Thank you John!! The pricing is great. To host with full service on WordPress alone at other hosting sites are more expensive than the Black Friday deal. In addition to the hosting, there are training, mentors, and tools to support you in making money. It’s a great opportunity. Looking forward to read about your successes in WA blogs.

  2. Not sure what Black Friday is all about but sure your having a sale I like your name and to say About Ha I would think as an English 1st speaking and westerner that  Ha was an abbreviation of something click its a beautiful name and About Ha Roda now I am thinking oh this is a person western people don’t fully understand that two letters can be someones Name so your Full name in that space I think would look fine, Now that Black Friday has past people are preparing for the festive season of Christmas and New Year I hope you have a surprise up your sleeve for these two major yearly events to promote your Affiliate WA website Holiday season and everyone loves the holidays going back to work Alternative opportunities to start the New Year looks great very Honest to the point website

    1. Hello Angelique! Thank you for your comments. You are right about Hà being short and it appears that it could be an abbreviation. I do think about that from time to time. One reason why I didn’t change my name when I was of age was because I like to bring out people’s curiosity. It’s a great conversation piece.

      Hà is a Vietnamese name means water, liquid or river. My middle name is “Ngân” which means Mercury. When you put the to names together “Ngân Hà”, it means the river of Mercury or “The Milky Way” in the sky. I love the meaning. Any how, I digress…

      You are totally correct. Wealthy affiliates is definitely an alternative way to generate income online. The Black Friday deal makes it affordable for people to move forward.

  3. Hi, Ha! I have recently checking out the price of some other programs and they offer less than what Wealthy Affiliate offers but their monthly fee is way higher.

    This is really hard to believe. Website hosting, training, tools and mentorship, all for less than $1 a day!

    I have heard the Keyword tool inside Wealthy Affiliate is very good. Do I have to pay something additional to use that keyword tool, or is it included in this Black Friday deal? I see you listed the keyword tool among the tools offered by Wealthy Affiliate.

    1. Hello Henry! Great question about Jaaxy’s keyword tool. No, you do not have to pay for the usage of the tool. The basic version of Jaaxy’s is part of the premium membership. It’s efficient enough to use for SEOs and site ranks. 

      When you are ready, you can upgrade to Pro or Enterprise for more options with bells and whistles. The upgrades are extra costs.

  4. I am a newbie, a very beginner at WA and so far the best affiliate marketing site. The thing that worth my investment of time and money is the training and support I received at WA. I had no clue whatsoever to create website, design and to give its professional look. 

    According to my personal experience at WA, you topic is relevant and you have articulated well. I can recommend anyone to consider this article.


    1. Thank you, Paul for your kind words. Please pass my website along to others. I would love that. If you have any questions or need feedback, please do not hesitate to ask…

  5. Mentor Communities are the way to go for a website platform!  Also, no upsell is internet gold these days.  I’m glad there is finally a reputable company on this planet that knows that our success is their success!  

    I hope I can take advantage of this price reduction this year.  It’s scary to remember the days before finding Wealthy Affiliate about 4 years ago.  I was scammed out of my money too many times.  It’s almost embarrassing the pyramid scams I fell for.  The people at WA never sugar-coated the work it takes to become a successful affiliate marketer and I honor them for that!  It is work but, it’s work I am happy to do every single day.  

    I finally found a job that gives back to myself as much as I give to others.  More importantly, I can still travel and keep up with my business.

    The SEO education alone has helped me network alternate streams of income as well.  Ha, thank you for the sale reminder.  This is the best deal out there by far. 

    Also, I read your ‘about me’ at the bottom of this page.  Do you ,by any chance, share your cooking education online as well?  I have an extended Vietnamese family I’ve learned a lot from but, I’m always looking to learn more. 

    1. Thank you, Fyre for your feedback. The WA Black Friday deal is a steal. I am glad to read that you are benefiting from WA community and its education. It’s inspiring to see successes.

      Yes, I do have a website for Vietnamese cooking called http://www.PhoQueenCooking.com. Thank you for asking. I would love to have your visits.

  6. Ha Roda, Hi! It is a great success to meet your invitation article to Wealthy Affiliate in the Ocean of the Internet in connection with the action of Black Friday. 

    You are very precise, detailed and convincing about the possibilities of achieving success. Everything is written in the most honest way. You conduct a confidential conversation with each psychologically accurate. 

    I completely trust your articles and want to learn from them. Of course, there are questions related to confidence in my personal abilities and organization. For example, how did you create a Jaaxy showcase window with running keywords? 

    I will follow your advice to be successful. Thanks Mark

    1. Thank you, Mark for your thoughtful words. I can understand the doubts in your abilities. However, that’s where the mentor and WA communities comes in for support. Participation in WA blogs and helping others are also helpful for my success. Following other experts and talking to them inspire me to move forward. 

      Please send me a PM the question for Jaaxy’s question again. I will share with you what I did.

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