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What are the Secrets of Success? Do they exist?

Are there secrets to success in the universe that we do not know about? If there are then what are the secrets of success? In my opinion, there are really no secrets. Everyone is exposed to opportunities everywhere. The difference in each one of us is how much or how bad do we want it? Are we willing to commit and follow through?

It all started with a thought. “I want or would it be nice to have” Being committed is one thing and following through is that next step. Do we have the mental fortitude to stick with it? In order to be committed and follow through to our success, I compiled four elements to help us succeed: focus, belief, overcoming negative thoughts, and be courageous.


FocusFire Spiral Out of Focus

When we have a vision or a plan, can we stay focus on that vision? Life, friends, families and the environment surround us can be a distraction. For an example, I noticed when I wanted something really bad, my vision was clear, and I knew I wanted it. Something happened along the way and I stopped moving forward to it. My momentum dwindled and I lost track of my vision. Does this ever happen to you?

Experts estimate that we think between 60,000 to 80,000 thoughts a day. Many thoughts flow through our mind every minute and every second. In addition, we can also be easily distracted with many things around us such as telephone calls, emails, the dog, the television, past negative experiences, other people, etc. We lose focus on our vision.

To me focus on what I want is like an obsession. In order to make it happen, I want to make that vision into an obsession in a positive way. I think it, speak it, sleep with it in my dreams, etc. Make it where it is always on my mind. Always think of ideas how to improve my vision wherever I go or share my ideas to whoever I meet.


The next step of harvesting that vision and being in focus in your idea is to believe. Do I believe that I can do it? Do I believe in myself? Am I good enough?

Belief venn diagram

Those questions become excuses for us to get out of our commitment and prevent us from following through. I believe anything is possible if we put our mind to it. It may not be immediate but we will find a way. If we can think it, then it could happen. Once again, our mind is a powerful tool to make us or break us.

You may have heard the story about the elephant and the rope. It is a great example of belief. The elephant did not try to break free from the rope. Here is a 2-minute video snippet of that short story.

Can you relate? Are there past beliefs that are holding you back? Is it sometimes easier said then done when changing a lifetime of negative conditioning? Will it take another lifetime to break free? It is solely up to you. Once again as a quick reminder, the mind is powerful. Once you decide to break free, then you will break free. It boils down to your choice and when you are ready to make that choice.

Overcoming negative thoughts

positive thoughts

Self doubts and negative thoughts are common. We experience them all the time. We see examples from our parents or our friends failing in life. We kept all the negative aspect in the back of our mind as ammunition for us to not try. Why? Why not build a positive aspect in our mind library instead of the negative aspects.

Some people would say “Thinking negative is all I know how. I do not know how to think positive otherwise.”

You can start something small and simple such as be thankful for what you have currently instead of comparing to what you do not have. You can be thankful in general such as the weather or the environment. Be thankful for the sun shining in the sky giving warmth to the earth, or be thankful for the rain to help plants grow in turn become our food. I call it “Attitude of Gratitude”. Think of things that put smiles on our faces.

It does take practice over time to build the positive thinking muscle. If you have to think why not think to enhance us and to help us. It is a shift of perspective and once again boil down to choice. What do you choose to do?

Be Courageous

Fear is a big nemesis for most people. The most common fear is the fear of the unknown. What if I fail or what if I succeed? So what if you fail?

Sometimes we are so afraid that we are not willing to even try. Once again remember the old belief in the elephant and the rope story? Failure is part of learning. How can we put failure in a perspective that will serve us? Perhaps, we should not even think it as failure. Maybe it is a stepping stone of learning what we want and what we do not want.

Be bold and courageous within your mind. Practice the “Attitude of Gratitude”. I find being in gratitude is the easiest thing to do for me. If it is not easy for you, find something else that could be easy. Think of simple things or memories that make you feel good. Listen to your favorite music or meditate for 15 minutes to clear your mind. Find your passion.


We are our own biggest enemy. We put in obstacles, excuses, and whatever else in our way so that we can prove to the world that we are a failure with the mental attitude of “Why bother because we are going to fail anyway?”

To me, it is not all about the failures or the successes. Failures, successes, good, or bad are perspectives. It is the experiences that we want to achieve. We want to the experience of feeling high or feeling low. We want to know what we really want and what we really don’t want. By the end of the day, the primary thing that we remember most is how we feel. We do not remember all the details in between but we remember the emotion. That is what we strive for the high emotion of to feel good.

As we get older, we forget and get caught at the moment. We react on impulse and allow the moment or circumstances to engage our emotion and dictate our actions. If you experience that again, sit back and breathe. Pause for a moment to consider, “who is in charge? the circumstances or me?”, “Am I am acting upon impulse that will benefit me?” “Do I feel good or do I feel bad?” Choose to feel good.

training your mind

Train your mind to gear toward wanting to feel good and follow the inspiration from your heart. You may have heard the phrase “Follow your bliss” by Joseph Campbell or “Lead with your heart.” by Regina Cates. That is the key to success.

There is nothing new on what I am writing here. You may have heard all the four elements from someone or read it from somewhere before. I am only reminding you what you already know in to a context that perhaps will help you become successful in everything you do.

Now are you ready to move forward and make some money?

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