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Abraham Hicks Law of Attraction – How To Make it Work For Me?

At this current time in our lives, people are taking more notice of the Law of Attraction (LOA). They either believe in it or they do not. Either way, it is becoming more known to the general public even though, the Law of Attraction has been around for many years. There are many books, lectures, and movies created around LOA.

I was first introduced to Abraham Hicks Law of Attraction in 2010. The first book that I read from Abraham Hicks was “Ask and It Is Given“. Many things that have mentioned in the book resonated with me. However, during that time, I was struggling with my own internal battle of successes and failures so I didn’t pay much attention.

Now looking back, I have slowly absorbed the teaching of Abraham over time without even realizing it. My perspective has been shifting positively. I found different videos on with Abraham workshops and re-read the books from Abraham Hicks. I listened and read with more eagerness and enthusiasm. I felt more alive.


Here is an old video (2008) published by Abraham Hicks Publications that talked about the Law of Attraction:

I realized that I have applied the LOA throughout my life instinctively unaware. There were many good things and there were many bad things that happened over the years. However, I learned to accept them good or bad. They were all stepping stones and learning curves. With the negatives, I became appreciative of the positives even more.

LOA is the law of the universe. It seems simple but yet as human, we may have a tendency to make it more difficult than it really is. In this article, my goal is to break down Abraham Hicks Law of Attraction into a simple step guideline with an additional two more laws so you can apply it to your life.

Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is the most powerful law in the universe. Abraham stated that LOA is “that which is like unto itself is drawn”. There is evidence of it everywhere around us. A great example — when I bought a Subaru Outback, where ever I went, I saw at least one Subaru Outback on the road or in the parking lot. The Subaru was constantly in my thoughts and in my attention, therefore, I saw it everywhere.

Abraham gave a metaphor of a magnet attracting another likeness onto itself. We as humans heard of it hence we have proverbs such as “Birds of the feather flock together” or “like seeks like”. However, only a few who understand the rule of LOA. It is essential to understand. The law applies to everyone whether we understand it or not and if it does why not have it benefit us?

Did you ever wake up and experienced a bad morning? Then throughout the day, you kept on having one bad luck after another? or have you experienced a good morning when everything worked out just perfect including the synchronized green lights on your way to work, or finding a perfect parking spot or ending a day with someone bought you flowers?

We attract things into our lives with our thoughts. The universe does not decipher or stop and judge whether it is negative or positive. What we thought is what we attract. We label them as negative or positive. We give meaning to them. In general, the more we thought of one thing and our desire for it is strong, the universe will bend over backward to attract likeness to our thought and desire.

Why is it then we thought of what we want and we often get what we don’t want? In this physical world, the manifestation does not happen instantaneously because of the buffer of time. Abraham explained in the book that during this buffer of time, our thoughts often changed, evolved, or influenced by other external factors. Therefore, our focus on the same thought sometimes contradicts each other making it difficult for likeness to show up. Those contradictions could be what we called as negative thoughts such as inadequately, self-doubts, or not enough.

When we first think of what we want, the universe starts to comply then other thoughts would creep in to cancel out our first thought. Then we would wonder I kept that same thought for a long time how come nothing comes and the law of attraction is not working. It must not really exist. The reality is that we maybe think of the same thing but in two different vibrations. For example, we are thinking it would be nice to have a new car and feel great about it. We then send out a happy new car vibration. The next thought then comes to mind, we do not have enough money to buy a new car then we start feeling bad about it because we do not have money. The subject is the same which is the car. However, one is having a new car and the other is not having enough money for a new car. Both are different vibration. The distinction between the two is subtle but powerful enough to negate our desire from coming to us.

Yes, our emotions play a big role in the attraction. We want to strive for the feeling of good emotion as often as possible regardless of the surrounding environment. Our emotions are our guide to understand what we are attracting. When we understand it, we can become a deliberate creator of our own experience which leads us to the next law of the universe.

Law of Deliberate Creation

In order to be effective with the law of deliberate creation, we want to understand the Law of Attraction. The law of creation is the ability to create our experience on purpose. We often think of what we want and/or the lack of what we want. It is a dual-edge sword.

How do we know which thoughts are coming through? There are millions of thoughts coming through our mind every second. How do we decipher? As I mentioned above, your emotion helps guide us. When you are thinking positive how do you feel? When you are thinking negative, how do you feel? In general, we focus on the positive feelings that excite us while do not pay attention to the emotion that brings us down. It is not easy to let go if you are in a deep rut where you have been dwelling for a long time. There is are a bunch of processes that Abraham created in “Ask and It Is Given” to assist you to level up to a better feeling emotion.

In our physical world, we feel that we need to take action to make things happen. Our actions are an extension of our thoughts and so are our words. Saying positive affirmation alone is not good enough. The actions are good but not necessarily work every time. There are two types of actions. There are compensating actions and intending actions.

Have you ever experienced where every action you take seems to be an obstacle in the way or the harder you try the further you get to your destination? That action is more like compensation action. The action you take seems to be compensating for the lack of how you feel. It comes from a negative point of view. It is like putting a square peg into a circle hole. You feel that you are doing a lot of work but still get nowhere.

With the law of deliberate creation, we use our thoughts of what we want to pre-pave in advance then our actions will follow with an easy flow through inspiration. Our thoughts and emotions are aligned. Applying the law of attraction, our intended thoughts with positive emotion generate inspiration. We walk through time with the expectation of our manifestation. We will then be inspired into intending action. Every step is orchestrated by the universe and falls into place with ease.

Law of Allowing

I hope you have a better understanding of the first two laws: the Law of Attraction and the Law of Deliberate of Creation. The third law is the Law of Allowing which is a build-up of the first two laws. According to Abraham-Hicks, the Law of Allowing is “I am that which that I am and allowing others to be what they are.” It is OK to be different. We do not need to conform to others as well as others to conform to us.

We come to this life knowing that diversity creates creativity. We follow our own happiness without impacting others or allow others to affect us. We are not here to tolerate others while binding ourselves with negativity. We are here to experience the expansion of life. We allow others to be themselves however different they are while we are happily going along with being ourselves as we are with no judgment or bringing discomfort within ourselves. When we allow, our deliberate creation will come to us through the law of attraction. That is the rule.


Segment Intending

We are the creator of our own experiences. Now that you have a better understanding of the three laws. Let’s work on an exercise that we could apply these laws to our everyday life. The exercise is called segment intending. We set intentions in each segment of our day. We go through multiple segments throughout the day. An example of a segment is driving to work or school, working or attending class, go shopping, driving home from work, and so on.

Before you engage in your first segment of the day, identify what you would like or want. An example, if driving to work is your first segment of the morning, you will sit quietly engage and visualize your thoughts. Pre-pave how you want your day to begin with driving to work. You want to intend to drive safely through-traffic from one place to another and find a perfect parking spot in front of your workplace. Continue to pre-pave your day through segment intending and watch how the universe attracts likeness to your thoughts through your actions throughout the day.

Of course, throughout the day, we will be interacting with others and our environment. With the deliberate creation and following through with allowing, we weave through the day unaffected by other judgment, criticism, or negativity because by the law of attraction we will be attracting only what we created for ourselves earlier at the beginning of the day with segment intending. The more we practice the clearer our future will be.

My Two Cents

I may have simplified the Law of Attraction a lot in this article. There is so much to share about the Law of Attraction that an article alone will not do it justice. However, I hope I simplified it enough so that you could understand the universal laws according to Abraham-Hicks a bit better than before.

There are also books you can read as references such as “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill or “The Law of Attraction: The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham” by Esther & Jerry Hicks.

I believe our thoughts are very powerful. If we can make ourselves sick by the focus of our thoughts, we can make ourselves well, also. In order for our thoughts to manifest into our experience, it is helpful to have our emotions to be aligned. Once again whether the emotion is negative or positive, we will attract it regardless. The universe is not judgmental. If we think positive but our emotion is negative then there is off sync vibration. We may manifest something else by default in which is not wanted. It gets pretty confusing when we try to monitor our emotions at all times. The best way to work with the Law of Attraction is to maintain ourselves in a state of happiness as much as we can regardless of our environment.

If things are not going well in your day or life such as the Corona Virus is continuous looming in the media and around us, take a nap, meditate, take a walk, or watch an inspiring movie. Find something that helps clear your mind of negative thoughts. Change your state of emotion or shift your attention to something else. It is the will power focus thoughts into a different storyline.

Appreciate your good health, appreciate your love ones, or appreciate all things that you have in your life at the moment. Focus on something that lifts your spirit. Find something that resonates most with you. Everyone responds differently to different stimuli. Reach within, learn and find what works for you. Remember, you do not have to go outside yourself to find inner peace. You have the power within yourself.

Thank you for reading this article thus far. I hope you find it refreshing and helpful. I love to hear your thoughts and experiences in finding your inner self. How is law of attraction impact your life?

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