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What is My Niche Market?

Ready to be an affiliate marketer? The first and very important step of being an affiliate marketer is having a niche. You do not want to skip this step. A niche gives you purpose. It narrows your market in making money.

You may wonder what is my niche market? Or perhaps, you may already have a niche in mind and wonder if it is good enough. Read on to find out.


According to the, a niche is a specialized market. also defined niche is a place or position suitable or appropriate for a person or thing or a distinct segment of a market. Is your niche meet the criteria suitable for a specialized market?

Where Do We Find Our Niche?

There are many ways to find your niche. Here are three different areas that you can use to develop yours:

do we what we love
  • Hobbies / Passion – What do you like to do on your spare time? Do you have a hobby? Examples are specific sports such as pickle ball, knitting, or travel. It is helpful to find a niche that you are passionate or knowledgeable about. You can find easily more information to discuss, to write and to share.
  • Problems – What problems do you have that you would like to solve? What problems do you see others have that you would like to help solved? It works well if it is something that you are also looking answers for yourself as well. Some examples are how to lose weight after having a baby, how to make your wrinkles disappear, how to keep your skin smooth and silky after 50, how to care for diabetes through food, etc…
  • Trends – What is the current trend right now in market? What is popular? What do you notice that is talked about most in the news or among friends and families? Here are a few examples: Organic food, dietary supplements, paleo diets, homeschooling. Making money is always a popular topic. How about making money from home or online?

Is My Niche Too Broad?

You want to make sure your niche is not too general or too broad. What is too broad? A few examples of a broad niche are sports, diets, or health. These areas are very general and broad. There are many types of sports, plethora of diets, and different perspectives on health. You will be in competition with many existing large companies and celebrities. Think of a possible smaller area of sports such as pickle ball. You may even want to dig deeper if pickle ball is still too big. Perhaps, you may want to target adults who are over 55 years of age who play pickle balls.

For an example, I am passionate about rock climbing. Rock climbing is a great sport however it is still considered too broad even though it is not a main stream sport. I then narrowed rock climbing down to specifically for women hence my website I can also choose rock climbing for kids or even for people who are disabled. Since I am a woman who loves climbing, I chose for women. That seems to be an appropriate choice for me.

If you still are not sure if your niche is specific enough or too broad, please feel free to email me or leave a message below. I would love to help. Once I understand what you are looking for, I can pass you more tips and suggestions.

Is My Niche Marketable?

Is my niche popular enough? Is it worthwhile?

Do some research to find areas where your niche is being promoted. Are there magazines dedicated to your niche? Can you find books available on Amazon toward your topics? Are there existing organizations developed to support your niche?


You may be surprise to find what is already available out there. For my niche example, I found magazines dedicated only to Rock Climbing. In the past years, this sport has been primarily focused on men but now more women are emerging among the younger generation. I also found books that show you how to climb and how to improve climbing as well as organizations and non-profits that support the rock climbing sport.

The internet is at your fingertips and it is part of WIFI that you have already paid for. All you need is to dedicate your time and patient to do the research.

What products are Being Promoted for My Niche?


After you find there is a market for your niche, you can look for products that you can promote to support the niche. The products can be information such as how-to books and literature or physical hardware. To continue with the rock climbing for women idea, we can find many books regarding how-to’s and exercises to be stronger climbers as well as climbing gear and stylish climbing clothes for women.

There are so many products to choose from that you can feel overwhelmed. Don’t worry, take one step at time and choose the products that you yourself already have or would like to buy. Share those products with your online friends using the affiliate links. It is not an advertisement. You are giving your honest opinion to your readers about the products. Whether they buy it or not is up to them. You will earn their trust by not trying to sell products but to share your thoughts of the good and bad so that they can decide for themselves.

Here is a nice article with a video more written in Wealthy Affiliate about how to choose your niche. Once you click the article below and read it, scroll down to the center of the article. You will also find a video. Click on the video for more ideas in choosing your niche.

choose a niche

My Final Opinion

There are many ways to find your niche. This article provides a few ways. I believe the best way to find your niche starts with what you are interested in or want to learn about most. You don’t have to be an expert at first. You will become an expert as you research, compile information, and share them with your online friends.

Once you established your niche you are ready to build your website and find a company to host your website.  Check out my latest article regarding how to create a website.

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That would be the next step to being an affiliate marketer.

Check out What is the Best Small Business Web Hosting Site for web hosting and My Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review for a review of Wealthy Affiliate for making money as an affiliate marketer.

If you have any questions about niche or how to find one, please do not hesitate to send me a message and write your questions below. I love to hear your affiliate marketing experiences.

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