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TopCashBack Review – Is It Worthwhile?

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Name: TopCashBack

Website: Or

Price: FREE

Owners: Mr. Oliver Ragg & Mr. Mike Tomkins, Co-Founders

Overall Rank: two and half stars BBB Customer Reviews

trust pilot review Trustpilot Review

TopCashBack Overview

TopCashBack is a coupon service company for online shopping. The company has been in business since July 25, 2013. They have two websites: the US and UK. Similar to Ebates now known as Rakuten, TopCashBack offers consumers ways to earn money from shopping online through cashback rewards.

This cashback site promotes giving cashback to the consumers with All the store’s commission earned from the purchases. It is free to join and free to cash-out at any time. There is no minimum pay-out threshold like other cashback sites. “You can cash-out as many times a year as you want” quoted TopCashBack.

TopCashBack promotes over 4,400 stores including Best Buy, eBay,, Groupon,,, Walmart and many others. They offer many shopping categories including Travel, Home & Garden, Electronics, Fashion, Health & Beauty, Gift Cards, and more. In addition to receiving a cashback, they also offer coupons and free shipping.

Here is a snippet of some TopCashBack vendors:topcashback-vendors

To start, login into via US website or UK website, enter your email and create a password. TopCashBack will send you an email to confirm your registration. Open your confirmation email from TopCashBack and click on confirmation email. You are now ready to shop using from the retailers promoted by TopCashBack. Also, don’t forget to set up your profile and especially how you would like to be paid.

The payout can be through Visa Prepaid Card, Amazon Gift Card, American Express Rewards Card, ACH, or PayPal. Invite your friends. You can also earn $15 each for you and your friend.

Always remember to read the fine line and follow TopCashBack procedures on purchasing and tracking your earnings. Here is TopCashBack FAQ page for further questions –>

The Good & the Bad devil and angel

The Good:

PRO #1 It is easy and free to sign up. All you need is an email and create a password to start.

PRO #2 Receive cashback on your qualified purchases.

PRO #3 Cash-out at any time. There is no minimum payout threshold.

The Bad:

CON #1 – Slow to resolve unpaid queries/claims and not easy to contact.

CON #2 – There were many complaints regarding declined cashback from retailers and using “another marketing channel” as excuses to not give cash back.

CON #3 – Another common complaint was inconsistent tracking of rewards.

Who is TopCashBack For?

TopCashBack is great for consumers who shop online often or travel a lot for business or leisure. Every time you shop legitimately using TopCashBack links, you will receive a percentage cashback promoted by the retailers. If this is something you would do anyway regardless, why not take advantage of the rebates or discounts available through TopCashBack.

TopCashBack Support

When having issues, you click on “Customer Service”. There are three options:

  1. Missing Cashback? – If your claim has been declined, not showing on your accounts after 7 days of when you suppose to receive the cashback, or shows a different amount, you can file a claim. The claim investigation may take 1 to 3 months on average. There is no guarantee that all claims will be successful.
  2. Contact Us – Review the FAQ. If you cannot find the answers to your questions, submit a support ticket. A Customer Care team will get back to you within 48 hours.
  3. FAQ – Frequent Asked Questions. Search for common questions and answers here.

My Final Opinion of TopCashBack

Overall, is TopCashBack worthwhile? Take my opinion and others with a grain salt. Did I write the idiom correctly? Everyone has their own experiences and opinions on what is a waste of time or not. If you do join, have fun with it and do not take it too seriously as a money-making scheme. You can’t support yourself making a living getting cash back from online shopping only.

In my opinion, it is worth it if you travel a lot and shop frequently online. You can save money with rebates, discounts, and cashback. I do not shop and travel frequently so I do not take advantage of all the savings. It is kinda backward. You need to spend more money to save money such as spend $100 so you can save $1. However, I guess all those $1 can add up.

At this time, it is not worthwhile for me to chase or focus after discounts that have occasional problems of tracking my cashback. How about making more money so I can shop freely without worries? I am focusing my energy on my job as an Interpreter and my website creations with Wealthy Affiliate as an affiliate marketer. In a sense, Wealthy Affiliate teaches you to set up your website so that you can generate your commissions instead of relying on a middle man. You will be the middle man. To find out more about Wealthy Affiliate, click here ==> My Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review.

I love to hear your thoughts and experiences with getting cash back from online shopping. OR If you would like to rant or complain, feel free to drop a comment below.


TopCashBack at a Glance…

Name: TopCashBack

Website: Or

Price: FREE

Owners: Mr. Oliver Ragg & Mr. Mike Tomkins, Co-Founders

Overall Rank: two and half stars BBB Customer Reviews

trust pilot review Trustpilot Review

VERDICT: legit

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