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How to start a new career at 40 – Think Outside The Box

How to start a new career at 40? Why or do I want to even start over? These are great questions that many people are facing during this pandemic time. We are in a fast-moving technological whirlwind. The invention of the internet started in 1960 but it did not pick up with speed and become popular to the public in the United States until the 1990s. Our technology has come a long way since then. Our machines are getting smaller with the speed getting faster and more efficient. It is now fit in the palm of your hand in the form of a smartphone or iPhone.

Internet Impacts Job Securities

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The world becomes smaller over time. We now have access to digital information from anywhere we want through the world wide web browser at our fingertips almost instantaneously. With this change, business models also have to change in order to keep up with public demands. Malls and super department stores are being replaced by virtual malls. In addition to direct marketing, marketing has been transitioning into emails, online social networks, and websites. Lots of job loss and at the same time lots of different online careers prosper.

Many jobs seemed secured once upon a time now became insecure. Stores like Sportmart, Sport Authority, Borders Books, Blockbuster Video, Kids R Us, CompUSA, and many others closed their doors or merge into bigger stores. On top of all that, COVID19 hit the economy hard. Social distancing and isolation were mandated across the world. Many small companies are already hanging on by a thread that can no longer hang on. Nothing is permanent anymore.

Transitioning to Internet Marketing

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To stay in competition with the online market, many stores and service providers located in physical locations have to also offer products and/or services online. Websites are now a representation of business’ storefronts or individual resumes.

With so many websites now available on the internet, how do we get people to visit our websites? How do we direct the traffic to us? That is where we get into the current area of demand. Learn how to drive traffic to websites. If you learn how to drive traffic to others, then why not create traffic to drive toward yours as well. I hope you get the idea. This is called internet marketing.

If you are new to internet marketing, no worries. You are not the only person. This is a great time to learn. Let take it one step further. Have you heard of affiliate marketing?

If not, to learn more click here ==> What is Affiliate marketing and How To Get Started?

Affiliate Marketing – Think Outside The Box

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Affiliate marketing is based on the concept of referral. As a marketer, you refer people to certain products or services that are related to your passion. For example, if your passion is cooking, you can refer people to pots, pans, food processors, or appliances that you love or use in the kitchen. In return, the company would send you a referral fee when the product is being purchased. Amazon is one of many companies that will pay a referral fee. Utilizing affiliate marketers is another way how Amazon thrives in selling their products.

The more people you have visiting your websites, the more of an opportunity people will click on your links. It is all about the numbers. If you can drive 10,000 people to your website, you may capture about 10% which is about 1000 people who will click on any of your links that is conversion to possibly referral fees.

Driving Traffic To Your Websites

Teaching and sharing ideas freely is one of the keys to driving traffic to your website. However, that is not enough. You will also need effective keywords to search and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to bring your article to the front of the search for more exposure to consumers. Here are two great articles regarding keyword search Tool Review and SEO:

How To Increase SEO ranking Four Simple Ways for WordPress

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It is quite involved to become an affiliate marketer. There are many things to learn. However, do not feel discouraged. I invite you to check out Wealthy Affiliate (WA) by visiting ==> My Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review – Is It Too Good To Be True? for the nitty-gritty pros and cons details about WA.

WA is a company that specialized in affiliate marketing. WA will show you steps-by-steps from finding the name and your niche to SEO and social networking. Including steps of how to make money being an affiliate marketer. Another perk from WA is that there are many mentors who are successful in affiliate marketing. They are totally down to earth and willing to help you to succeed. In addition, WA has an extensive international community of members. The mentors and the community were two of many reasons why I signed up to be a member.


Because of the COVID19 situation with social distancing, the biggest trend right now is working online. Being 40 or older is definitely a plus because you have plenty of practical experiences to share with the world. This is time for you to rise and shine.

The cost of the overhead is low. The most expensive cost for you would be your time. However, the great thing about working online and your own business are that you can work it at your own comfortable pace. You do not have to quit your job. Start with a few hours each day and build yourself up. Once you hit a point where you make more money doing work online than your current job then you have choices.

If you are laid off or still waiting for your job to come back to normal, this is a perfect time to put all your focus into learning and applying yourself.

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to reach out and leave me your questions or comments below. I would love to answer and assist you in starting your new career. It could be in affiliate marketing or anything else. It is an exciting time and opportunity to start your online home-based business.

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